If you already see yourself as a giver and sharing yourself as the primary reason that your business is in existence then you will understand how to make your business profitable.  Mentoring others and reaching out in helpful ways exercises the following mindset muscles: Your thought muscles–both positive and negative–and how they drive your decisions. […]


In order to actualize anything we need to be fully present.  In business, especially, we must remove all blinders.  We must pay attention to all thoughts we have about the potential opportunity in front of us, not just the positives. MONEY MAKING POTENTIAL IS GOOD BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF USING YOUR RATIONAL MIND! […]


For smart entrepreneurs who blog, website traffic is essential.  No matter what type of online marketing you do for your business or how good your product or service is, if you do not have a steady stream of new customers and prospective buyers visiting your site, you will have a hard time turning a profit. […]


One of the most  transformational tenets of the positive psychology movement is that we must nurture and develop our genius and talent.   When we begin to pay closer attention to the flow of our thoughts, we start positively cultivating and expanding our genius within. It is essential to understand that the thoughts we think as […]


For those of you who appreciate guided visualization I’ve created a self-hypnosis meditation script to inspire you in getting on track with your projects. My intent is to also create this as an audio post, but it is getting late this evening and am a bit on the tired side. Enjoy reading the script below […]


  Catch some sunlight and go with your flow! Aristotle once said that more than anything in life we humans seek happiness. The Dalai Lama also writes about happiness, referring to it as an art. One thing for sure, there is a certain flow to life that simply moves us along in a way that […]


Do you believe it is possible to improve your self-confidence in as little as 15 minutes? I used to lack self-confidence.  I was extremely quiet, even a little shy in many social settings.  Although people now would never believe this, I used to doubt myself a great deal.  I have literally had to learn confidence […]


This Sunday morning, in between cooking up some yummy apple pancakes, I reached for an old copy of TIME magazine (June 6, 2011).  The cover story, “The Science of Optimism” by Tali Sharot, sounded intriguing – especially since I was planning to write about happiness psychology right after breakfast! The colorful image of the human […]