by P.Britton on November 6, 2011

About This Mindset Expander You Met Online…

As you see yourself doing great things I know I have done my job!

What I love most about working with entrepreneurs and outside-the-box thinkers is their mindsets.  They seem  born with a mental attitude that knows only possibilities.  These smart, passionate, creative people change our worlds.  No strangers to hard work, these creative thinkers have the guts, integrity and drive to do whatever is needed to turn big dreams into real world happiness.  They take quantum leaps of faith, walking out over tightropes, balancing high above the spellbound crowd. These people transform our ways of being with each other – sometimes in quiet ways – sometimes in big ways.

My job is to help you center even more closely on the target you are aiming to reach.  You know what you still have yet to do to actualize that long thought about project or dream of yours.  At least  a part of you knows anyway!

Providing you with a variety of business psychology techniques, you will learn hot-off-the-press approaches to improving your business such as –

  • Moving beyond the  “If this is so simple, then why is it so HARD?”  mindset.
  • Rewriting dangerous “failure” scripts before it’s too late.
  • How to recharge and transform your thought patterns and daily habits.
  • New models of excellence with cutting-edge applications from the field of business coaching, hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming.

When you apply these life-changing ways of relating to your business-building efforts to your business, your profits will skyrocket!

I offer a lot of information on these posts – and in articles and e-books, with links here to all.  My intention is  to move  you closer to your desired goals.  This  is the foundation of my approach and will allow you to reach even greater heights–whether your goals are to improve your daily habits or to make enough money to retire from your 9 to 5 job.

And you’re wondering who I am?

I’m Pam Britton, the Mindset Expander for Smart Entrepreneurs.  This term most accurately describes what I am about and what I am offering here.  No, I am not a psychologist.  I am a master’s level business and life coach with many years of experience as a qualified mental health professional, consultant, and an award-winning marketer.

A certified clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, I’ve combined my passion for service with my entrepreneur mindset and – Voila! – you will find that I will give over and above what you need to make sure you have the information, tools, strategies, mindset exercises and inspiration to take your business and your life wherever your heart desires!

This hybrid version of consultant – coach – entrepreneur  is a fantastic match for cool-headed, warm-hearted visionaries.  You see, I know what it’s like to build a very  successful business from scratch;  I also know how good it feels  to deeply love the creative zones we can get inside as we see the project begin to take shape.

I understand the blood, sweat and tears kind of energy needed to stay up late at night  into the wee hours – and then to get up early to go to the 9-5 job.   And that’s why my focus here is on people who are wanting to begin taking practical steps toward making their business dreams come true.   Anyone who wants to “bring on the fresh” in their business-building mindset will find valuable nuggets of useful information on these pages.

As you read these blog entries or work with me over the phone you will gain the benefit of seeing many things in a brand new light.

Whatever you discover over time as we get to know each other, one thing is a given – you will experience  a difference in the way you approach your business building efforts – because if you don’t experience that difference I haven’t done my job properly!

  •          Take obstacles, for example –  You will be surprised at how you begin to notice mountains becoming teachers and guides, rather than impenetrable walls blocking your way.
  •        And then there is lack of focus and waning motivation – that “Oh no, I’m so stuck” feeling.  There is a very good reason you may feel that way at times – you will discover how to break through the stuckness very rapidly.

I truly enjoy writing about the latest mindfulness based approaches with the goal of helping you  apply these strategies and “ways of knowing” to help you meet your changing business goals.

I’m happy to also work with you as a tele-coach when you need some extra inspiration.  You can reach me via:

My office phone : (503) 752-0966

Skype:  britton0920

Email:  pambritton@pambritton.com

You will find when we work together that I’m very easy-going, a great listener and straightforward.  We generally begin by completing a brief Coaching Questionnaire which I’ll email to you.  When you email your thoughtful answers back to me, we will explore your responses and decide whether we wish to continue working together.  And if you wish I will also feature your entrepreneurial project on my blog with your testimonial as well.

There really is a way to meet business goals more quickly and more effectively with long-lasting results.  Through the application and focused power of your own unconscious mind, you will easily learn to quickly transform patterns of behavior that just aren’t in line with your goals anymore.

I look forward to helping you take that journey.

Always Moving On Beyond!