Be a Business Mentor–You Hold In Your Hands The Power To Grow Your Business As Large As You Desire!  Do you already see yourself as a giver and sharer?  If so, then understand that YOU are the primary reason  your business is in whatever shape it’s in!   Did you already know that what makes […]


  Catch some sunlight and go with your flow! Aristotle once said that more than anything in life we humans seek happiness. The Dalai Lama also writes about happiness, referring to it as an art. One thing for sure, there is a certain flow to life that simply moves us along in a way that […]


Do you believe it is possible to improve your self-confidence in as little as 15 minutes? I used to lack self-confidence.  I was extremely quiet, even a little shy in many social settings.  Although people now would never believe this, I used to doubt myself a great deal.  I have literally had to learn confidence […]


  GROWTH MINDSET COACHING …Individualized Tele-Coaching   Take Your Business And Your Life…   As Far As You Can Possibly Imagine!   Do you feel you would benefit from coaching to understand how to stay focused on your many business-building tasks? Would your business or practice improve with supportive inspiration and assistance, tailored specifically for […]


Why should you develop your entrepreneur qualities and why are they so important? There’s a difference between being a business owner and being a smart entrepreneur. There are millions of business owners around the globe. There are much fewer entrepreneurs.    And there are even fewer mindful, smart entrepreneurs who focus on their own self […]


Today is the Official  Launch Day for this new endeavor.  This blog site is a work in progress.  It is under construction and occasional reconstruction.  Over the next few months it will begin to take shape.  My plan is that it will be a valuable container for useful information which I hope will interest more […]