One of the most straightforward tenets of the positive psychology movement is that the seeds of genius are within us all.  I would add that when we start paying closer attention to how we think thoughts we begin to grow exponentially! The value we place on certain thoughts can create tenacious, counter-productive emotional states.  If […]


  Catch some sunlight and go with your flow! Aristotle once said that more than anything in life we humans seek happiness. The Dalai Lama also writes about happiness, referring to it as an art. One thing for sure, there is a certain flow to life that simply moves us along in a way that […]


This Sunday morning, in between cooking up some yummy apple pancakes, I reached for an old copy of TIME magazine (June 6, 2011).  The cover story, “The Science of Optimism” by Tali Sharot, sounded intriguing – especially since I was planning to write about happiness psychology right after breakfast! The colorful image of the human […]


The other day I saw the movie, Happy, from Academy Award nominated director, Roko Belic.  This is a delightful film.  Its mission is to search the globe to find an answer to our very basic questions —   Is money what makes us HAPPY? Having kids and a family? Or is what we do for a […]


If you’re wondering how mindset development is essential for your newly developing business or practice, read on my friend.  By the same token, if you’ve already grown your business to the place you want, never mind! Just go relax in a hammock beside the sea on your favorite tropical island — I’ll be joining you there […]