One of the most straightforward tenets of the positive psychology movement is that the seeds of genius are within us all.  I would add that when we start paying closer attention to how we think thoughts we begin to grow exponentially! The value we place on certain thoughts can create tenacious, counter-productive emotional states.  If […]


For those of you who appreciate guided visualization I’ve created a self-hypnosis meditation script to inspire you in getting on track with your projects. My intent is to also create this as an audio post, but it is getting late this evening and am a bit on the tired side. Enjoy reading the script below […]


Do you believe it is possible to improve your self-confidence in as little as 15 minutes? I used to lack self-confidence.  I was extremely quiet, even a little shy in many social settings.  Although people now would never believe this, I used to doubt myself a great deal.  I have literally had to learn confidence […]


Many entrepreneurs who are gifted with the entrepreneurial mindset need to learn how to concentrate better.  Those who are new to internet marketing can be quite challenged by information overload.  Learning how to concentrate better to tune out all the different types of information which is “out there waiting there for us”– in our emails […]


Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? –Mary Oliver– The first time I became aware of  mindfulness was through the writings of  Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese monk.  It was in the late nineties and I was living in the Russian River area of California.  My […]


Why should you develop your entrepreneur qualities and why are they so important? There’s a difference between being a business owner and being a smart entrepreneur. There are millions of business owners around the globe. There are much fewer entrepreneurs.    And there are even fewer mindful, smart entrepreneurs who focus on their own self […]


Your mind has a control room.  Your mission today is to learn how to operate the controls.  Learning this process now will give you the critical element you need to drive your business into fast forward mode. Of course you can apply the exercise to other areas of your life as well. Please note, this […]


Every smart entrepreneur knows the importance of goal setting.   Sure, most of us set goals but how many set goals smartly,  using the SMART goal setting formula?   By now you’ve learned that without a carefully researched target – either a specific population you market to or a targeted need you’ve found to fill – your […]