Mindset Expansion For Smart Entrepreneurs Launches!

by P.Britton on August 15, 2011

Welcome To Pam Britton, The Mindset Expander For Smart Entrepreneurs

Today is the Official  Launch Day for this new attempt.  This site is a work in progress, as is this first blog post.  It is under construction and occasional reconstruction.  Over the next few months it will begin to take shape.  My plan is that it will be a valuable container for useful information which I hope will interest more than just this author.

I’ve been thinking for years about starting a blog “someday” and …


No more procrastination allowed – it feels so exhilarating !

Happy Official Launch Day to all smart entrepreneurs everywhere around the globe.  It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood – won’t you be my neighbor?  I welcome you to feel free to stop by anytime and post your replies and comments.

I’ve been living here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the past twenty years, so I open this first post with a picture of  our majestic Mt. Hood, the crown  jewel of Portland, Oregon.  It’s a privilege  to  live here and be so close to this snow-capped beauty every day!

As we journey together and enjoy thoughtful interchange of ideas,  I’m glad to share  useful techniques and  information about how to make your internet marketing business (or offline business, or your life’s relationships, for that matter) be all they can be.  Whatever I feel would be beneficial to share with you, either left or right brain stuff, I’ll try to always be an open book.  I’m interested in interacting with you online, and am open to your suggestions also.  Within these blog posts you will find exercises and latest reports in the field of mindset expansion to assist you as you stay focused on your business and marketing projects.

I am very lucky to have had a long and varied career with many experiences to weave into the pages of these blog posts.   As a mental health consultant, coach, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and entrepreneur,   I have various tools and strategies to share with you which you can easily make actionable in your business, your life and your relationships…

The amazing and cutting edge fields of  Neuroscience Psychology, Neurolinguistic Programming, Positive Psychology, Happiness Psychology, Hypnosis and Solution-focused Coaching offer such rapid results!

Those who have begun integrating these “fun” ways of approaching their business -building efforts are truly enjoying the process as much as the wonderful results they see!

So, feel free to apply these lessons and tips in your life and in your business.  Looking forward to light-heartedly learning together and inspiring one another with ways to build a business properly –  with the right mindset, of course!

Once I get going with marketing this blog online and develop a readership I will check in regularly and answer  your replies..please do not be shy about posting a reply.  There is something enlightening about working together with other creative, focused minds –  sharing dreams and moving through obstacles.

Here are a handful of interesting topics I’ll be sharing with you:

  • Make Your Mind Think What You Want It To Think (*really?)
  • The Positive Psychology of Goal Attainment
  • Your Self  + Your Mindset = 2 Different Things Entirely!
  • Dangerous Daily Habits That Will Kill Your Business Before You Know It
  • How to Develop your Business  Growth Mindset
  • The Psychology of  Happiness – with practical business applications

Until next time…

Love and Joy,