Let Thoughts Go By–A Meditative Practice for Greater Productivity

by P.Britton on August 28, 2016


One of the most straightforward tenets of the positive psychology movement is that the seeds of genius are within us all.  I would add that when we start paying closer attention to how we think thoughts we begin to grow exponentially!

The value we place on certain thoughts can create tenacious, counter-productive emotional states.  If we think repeatedly in absolutes, such as, “I’m never going to get this business project off the ground”, our project will, most assuredly, fall flat on its face.

By simply letting the thoughts go by, not reacting or paying a lot of attention to them, we begin to create a calmer internal climate.  Once we plant seeds for growing a more mindful internal climate, we harness a powerful productivity vehicle.

According to scientists who study every possible pattern of brain activity, our brain is capable of thinking up to 10 thoughts per second!  If we use up our thought energies trying to control and focus our thoughts in any one specific direction we waste valuable time.  It’s much more efficient to simply let thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky.  Eventually, these high speed thoughts will begin to slow down and lessen.  With this meditative approach, we can uncover our amazing “true and powerful self” which lays underneath the 600,000+ possible random thoughts vying for control every day.

Once we begin a formal meditation practice and spend time “just sitting”, allowing the brain to naturally filter out all mental chatter, over time the brain clutter diminishes and we get to a much deeper level of awareness.   It is when we are truly still, with no extreme thoughts or movements, that we can have access to the higher and best states of mind consciousness.

This relationship between our thoughts and the manner in which we relate to them is central to realizing some pretty amazing results which can turn up the heat on our business in no time at all!

In short, don’t believe everything you hear inside that head of yours–especially if the content is negative and stresses you out!

This is how a mindset comes into being–and remember, you want to embrace a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset.  This process of placing a high value on each of our established thoughts and opinions has a huge impact on how we approach our daily tasks. When we settle into thinking a certain set of beliefs or thoughts just because we’ve always thought them or because this is what we learned, we risk developing a mental sluggishness which is hard to change.

This lazy way of thinking must GO because it almost always leads to negative, limiting ways of being in our personal and professional life.

There are specific ways to train your mind to develop your unique gifts, communicating in ways that will give your desired results. You can begin by reflecting on how you are different from others in your field by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What unique ability do I bring to my field that truly sets me apart from others doing a similar business or service?
  • Can I name at least a couple of life experiences that have shaped and molded my character?
  • Which of my experiences will translate into offering a better product or service for my customers and clients?
  • Do any of my innate gifts, talents and strengths give me an edge or advantage over others?
  • What is it that I love doing?
  • How close am I to doing what I love?
  • What knowledge and skills do I need to develop to challenge me so I am in a “flow state” where I am constantly expanding in many new areas of my life?

Once we’ve recognized our positive and unique skills and talents, the contributions we can begin to make are limitless.  Don’t forget to look for blind spots, the stumbling blocks to potential success.  These are obstacles which emanate from the unconscious mind.  When you find yourself repeating thoughts or actions mindlessly which are not helpful to you or others, there’s a good chance you need to dig a little deeper, settle in and do some more serene reflection– quietly and with patience–until the underlying negative habit energy reveals itself to you.

Have fun letting your genius emerge and begin communicating in ways that give real value to your customers!

Always Going On Beyond,


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