Business Mentors–Tips to Improve Your Bottom Line

by P.Britton on May 16, 2016


Be a Business Mentor–You Hold In Your Hands The Power To Grow Your Business As Large As You Desire!  Do you already see yourself as a giver and sharer?  If so, then understand that YOU are the primary reason  your business is in whatever shape it’s in!   Did you already know that what makes your business satisfying and profitable is connected to how much you provide for others?  Mentoring others and reaching out in helpful ways exercises many “mindset muscles“.  Flexing these muscles exponentially perpetuates your business and personal growth.  Here are a few examples:

  • Your thought muscles–both positive and negative–and how they drive your decisions.
  • Your feeling muscles– and how, if left unchecked may lead to unwise decision-making
  • Your mood muscles–and how they manipulate for control over your productivity levels
  • Your reactions– and how they impact your business goals

Once you understand the immense power you hold over the results you are seeking, you are then given methods to harness that power and drive your business to whatever heights you wish to reach.

Let’s assume you are a smart entrepreneur who understands that money is simply one of the many ways we have of exchanging value with each other.  An easy method for making more money, then, is to closely check your own mindset as it relates to your business growth.

The next time you hear yourself asking the question, “Why am I not making any more money in my business?” ask yourself a few other questions as well, such as:

1.  What is the value I place on my time and efforts to grow my business and how much am I willing to carve out to give to others for FREE?

2.  Do I regularly check in with marketplace trends in my field to discover what value others are placing on similar products/services?

3.  Do I really believe that my time is worth the value I gave it in question #1?

4.  Do I have a comprehensive understanding of the market I am advertising to and do I know what it is they are “hungry” for?

5.  Is what I am “selling” unique, ultra-specific and useful or is it too generic– just like everyone else in my niche?  In other words, in what ways do I stand out from all the others providing similar services or products?

6.  What would it take for me to consider offering freebies now and then such as a free report, video, consultation, e-book,  so my client/customer can ‘test the waters’  and develop some form of relationship with me before buying?

Here’s a gift for you, speaking of freely giving…I’ve recently discovered a valuable and (!) FREE video training series which I hope you find useful–

200 hours of free videos on internet marketing training to teach you how to grow ANY business online:

Now for the most important question of all:  Do you believe that you are worth it?

If you don’t really believe that your time or product is worth whatever you are charging why should your customer have any faith in you?  Or, if your products are too generic and do not really satisfy the needs of your customers, why should they buy them?  And, if your advertising doesn’t create an urgency to buy from you, maybe it’s time to take a look at getting to the root of any limiting beliefs you are holding on to.

You can count on this–your own self-limiting beliefs which are deeply rooted in your subconscious mind will give to you exactly what your thoughts are “sowing”–and nothing more!

So, take time to place a measure of “negative value” on any and all of your negative beliefs about your ability to make more money or build a bigger business.

Then, take a look at all your positive and “unlimited” kinds of beliefs and contrast them with any self-sabotaging, negative ones that you are aware of.

By reflecting on your own business mindset and asking yourself these questions you are making a change in your business already and eventually will see a significant difference in your profit margin.

Continue asking yourself these kinds of questions—make a regular habit of taking this ‘positive vs. negative thought habits’ inventory.  You will be giving your business ownership the kind of attention it deserves.

Always Going On Beyond,

Pam 🙂


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